The Coffee-Bike

  • The heart of the Coffee-Bike is the portafilter machine, which was especially developed for Coffee-Bike. A barista can prepare up to 240 individual fresh espresso and coffee specialities an hour with this coffee machine
  • A premium coffee treat from freshly ground beans. The “grind on demand” Coffee-Bike grinder guarantees fresh aroma by means of portioned grinding straight into the portafilter.
  • The Coffee-Bike is able to operate up to 18 hours without an external water or power supply. Therefore, business can be conducted almost anywhere, at the most unusual locations!
  • No emissions are released. The Coffee-Bike is 100% CO2 neutral. Our espresso beans hold organic certification and our compostable coffee cups complete the sustainable concept
  • We can conduct business in low and high outdoor temperatures without encountering any problems. The Coffee-Bike is also certified to operate indoors